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KDCL: Your Partner for Global Business Growth

The only name widely trusted for ORGANIZING, MANAGING & DEVELOPING Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Founded in 1997 with humble means and a strong desire to be the best in business, today K AND D COMMUNICATION LTD (KDCL) is the name to bank upon for Organizing, Managing and Developing India's leading exhibitions and trade fairs.

Through committed endeavor and a no-compromise attitude to quality, KDCL is driven to expand the scope of exhibitions to truly global platforms. Offering an ideal launchpad for new ideas, products and services - KDCL seeks to build possible platforms & open marketplaces for forging joint ventures, industry collaborations and the ultimate sourcing of ideal solutions for any business and sector.

Managing worldwide networking, pre-emptive planning and execution from its Ahmedabad office (Gujarat) through collaborative teamwork, intelligent space management and meticulous control of macro and micro-level logistics, KDCL ensures that every participant gains something new from such platforms. Extraordinary precision goes into Developing each aspect of the event to increase the gain of participating companies and visitors - making KDCL a permanent name in corporate calendars of hundreds of companies across India and beyond.


Right from initial planning to final promotions, we organise international level trade fairs and exhibitions hosting global participation with a keen eye on details, quality and professional taking the exhibition from conception to completion.

Our Philosophy

KDCL has become top ranking exhibition company due to our dedicated team of employees who practice the philosophy that "there's always room for expansion and improvement" and embrace professionalism & excellence at every single step.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Raising the standard of exhibitions through commitment, passion and extraordinary efforts - KDCL strives to provie exceptional experiences in business promotion and networking serving as catalyst for tremendous growth and development of the industry.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To build an ever-growing and dynamic company with superior customer service, high integrity and high dose of creativity through the key ingredients of collaboration, accountability and passion.

Our Values

Commitment to deliver the best and a no-compromise attitude towards quality, as well as dedication, passion, integrity and innovation are the core values of KDCL that have taken us this far.

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