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KDCL is the only exhibition company in India to develop a world-class infrastructure for hosting international trade fairs. Named the Helipad Exhibition Centre (HEC), it is situated in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. This initiative of KDCL fulfilled a sorely felt need in Gujarat for such a venue. The HEC is today the largest exhibition centre in Gujarat.

Salient Features of the Helipad Exhibition Centre:

  • Campus area of 45 acres has a lush, green and peaceful setting. Authorities have planted over 500 trees around the premises for environmental conservation.
  • Over 100,000 sq. m. Exhibition Area include total covered indoor exhibition area of 74,235.44 sq. m., total open outdoor exhibition area of 25,000 sq. m., and other areas of 1,549 sq. m.
  • 13 exhibition halls of 6 varying sizes to suit different needs like exhibition, conference, private events, etc.
  • 11 exhibition halls, of 4 different sizes have a floor load-bearing capacity of 25 tonnes per metre and an eave height of minimum 6 metres and a ridge height of 9 metres. These are all suitable for display of heavy equipment. The largest of these halls with a plinth area of 8679.59 sq. m. has an eave height of 18 metres and a ridge height of 24 metres. It can accommodate 2-storeyed fabricated stalls.
  • One of the 13 exhibition halls is an open Dome with 54 m. diameter, eave height of 18 m., floor load-bearing capacity of 750 kg. and very wide joined arches as open gateways. This provide a very airy, naturally lit area for unique displays of light materials, open cafeteria, etc. An adjacent hall, the smallest, having a plinth area of 2157.07 sq. m. with a floor load-bearing capacity of 750 kg. is suitable for conferences. In this way, a conference and a cafeteria/display in the Dome can be situated side by side.
  • A two-storeyed furnished Admin Block has Length of 22.5 m. and Width of 18 m. amounting to 810 sq. m. plinth area. Each floor has a Reception, Waiting Area, Lounge, Washrooms and Pantry. Additionally, there is a conference hall with a seating capacity of 100-125 persons on the ground floor and 2 meeting rooms on the first floor – one for about 16 persons and another for about 10 persons. Thus the Admin Block contains a VIP lounge, a media lounge, a conference hall, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Car parking facility for up to 10,000 cars
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